General information: Appel aux anciens clients de France Eoliennes nous voudrons récupérer les installations des Fortis pour vous offrir un SAV sans égal.... et pour d'autres éoliennes, nous pouvons dès maintenant vous trouver des solutions pour les autres éoliennes qui ne marche pas... FE.... JOLIET.... AEC.... NPS... et autres
  Votre partenaire PRO dans les Únergies renouvelable.... depuis 1978
  Nos produits
Eoliennes / Wind turbines:

Marlec GB    Rutland WG913 (12/24V 250W); Rutland FM910-3 (12/24V 250W); Rutland FM1803-2 (12/24V 720W)

British FUTURE ENERGY turbine... 600W for 12V and 1000W for the 24V & 48V versions....five bladed propellor, black and very sexy indeed (1 ordered for 12/2008 delivery in 48V)(Now in stock... 48V with controller and dumpload system for only €1460 HT)

Fortis Holland; Passaat (1400W)(12,24,48 & 300V versions); Montana (5000W)(48V & 400V versions); Alizé (10KW)(120&240V off grid & 450V gridtie available)

NOUVEAU***NEW***  dealer to offer the small but extremely interesting BRAUN WINDTECHNIK range of small  wind turbines... off grid, on grid AND direct water heating models....1500W thru to 10 000W

Batteries.... for RE applications.... 3yr, 5yr, 7yr or 10yr guarantees, from 80Ah to 3460Ah

Inverters.... hundreds to choose from.... Studer, ASP, SMA, Victron and many others and now MAGNETEC

Solar charge controllers, analog and digital MPPT types from 12V thru 24V, 36V and 48V, and from watts to kilowatts

Solar, wind and hybrid power applications.... you need it.... we design it and build it to your requirements

Everything (except where indicated) is eligible for all European National Tax Credits and /or financial support schemes

NOTE: Just because something is certified, it doesn't mean the price rises by huge amounts.... we do not beleive in this and wherever possible, currency exchange rate variations means more value for money for YOU

If you already have a renewable energy system installed and need spares & service support... we probably can offer service support agreements

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